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The AISM website is updated with photos and video clips of school events. Certain events with pictures may also be reported in local publications. These are generally distant or group shots.

I agree for images, stills and videos of my child to be used as stated above and understand that if I wish to withdraw this permission, I will do so in writing, addressed to the Principal.

We, at Little Flower International School, are thrilled about the possibility of your child(ren) joining our educational community. To ensure that every student benefits from our nurturing environment, we've established specific policies and conditions. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to thoroughly review the policies and the terms and conditions that govern admission to the “School” and the child’s continued enrollment as a student of the School, as detailed below.

1. Definitions

The following definitions apply when used herein:

  • “Parent” refers to either parent of the child or the legal guardian. All provisions herein are binding on them both individually and collectively.
  • “School” refers to Little Flower International School, wholly owned and operated by Little Flower (LF) Education Group.
  • “Head of the School” denotes the individual entrusted by the Board of Governors to lead the School, regardless of their official job title.
  • “Student” and “Child” are used interchangeably and refer to the child named in the Application Form.
  • “Application Form” refers to the forms used by Little Flower International School for the Application For Admission.

2. Application

Parents wishing to enroll their child at the School must submit a duly completed and signed Application for Admission Form (“Application Form”). Providing false, inaccurate, or misleading information may result in the rejection of the admission application. Parents are required to inform the School promptly of any changes to the information provided. The School also reserves the right to contact previous schools or relevant medical officers or other relevant persons for additional information regarding the child’s admission.

An application fee (refer to the fee schedule as “Application Fee”) must be paid in full with each Application Form submission. The Application Fee, payable via cash, crossed cheque, bank draft, or bank transfer to Little Flower International School, is due at the time of the Application Form submission. The Application Fee is designated for the specific Term and Academic Year applied for and is non-transferable and non-refundable, regardless of the admission outcome. Payment of the Application Fee does not guarantee assessment or admission of the child, with the final decision resting with the School.

Upon payment of the application fee, the application may enter a wait pool, subject to availability and the terms and conditions outlined in sections 2.6 ~ 2.7. This wait pool involves adding the student’s name to an application list for processing based on various criteria outlined in the Admission Policy. If no vacancy exists for the requested Year Group, Term, and Academic Year, the application will be deferred to the next term unless withdrawn by the parent in writing or by default. A new Application Fee applies under certain conditions, including deferment, withdrawal by the parent, unsuccessful application due to unsatisfactory assessment, failure to accept an offer by the stipulated date, or if the parent becomes uncontactable.

Acceptance or Rejection of Application

If the assessment results are unsatisfactory, parents must inform Admissions personnel within the date specified in the Rejection letter if they decide to reapply. Reapplications for the future require a minimum six-month gap from the last assessment, with no additional cost. Declining an offer in writing or by default results in automatic cancellation of the Application.

A fresh application incurs the then-prevailing Application Fee and follows the wait pool and application process (refer to section 2). The School has absolute discretion over placement decisions, considering various factors like the child’s age, academic ability, achievement level relative to current students, and behavior. The School has the final say in admission decisions and is not obligated to justify any rejections.

Fees and Payment

Fees for subsequent terms must be paid in advance, by the commencement of each term. Late payment incurs a surcharge, with the School reserving the right to prioritize surcharge payment from any funds received and withhold the child's access to classes, examination results, certificates, and school records until all dues are cleared. The School also reserves the right to exclude a student for unpaid fees after 28 days of exclusion.

Withdrawal from School and Deposit

Withdrawal from the School requires one full academic term's notice, or the deposit will be forfeited. Provisional or conditional withdrawal notices are not accepted. If withdrawal does not occur on the specified date, a new full-term notice is required. The deposit, not considered as tuition fee payment or other dues, must be topped up to one term's tuition fee before each academic term starts. Any refundable monies must be claimed within one year from the child’s departure from the School, or they will be transferred to the School Improvement Fund.

6. Discipline, Suspension and Termination

The School reserves the right to suspend or expel a student for misconduct or serious disciplinary breaches. Withdrawal of a student can occur at the School’s discretion for reasons including inability to participate in the curriculum or breaches of School policies. The School may also prohibit attendance during contagious disease outbreaks. Regular class attendance and participation in school activities are mandatory, with failure to comply possibly resulting in academic repetition or withdrawal from the School.

Emergency and Liability

In medical emergencies, the Head of the School is authorized to arrange medical examination or treatment for the Student when parents cannot be contacted. The School is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage not attributable to its negligence.

Photograph and Images

The School is authorized to use photographs, images, recordings, works, or derivative works of the child for promotional or educational purposes within the Little Flower Education Group, without charge.

9. General

The School reserves the right to make reasonable changes, including amending terms and conditions, rules, and regulations. Breaches of rules are considered breaches of these terms and conditions. School communications are considered served if sent to the provided addresses or handed over to the child. The prospectus and website provide an overview of the School but are not contractual documents. The contract is formed by the offer of a place, acceptance by the parents, these Terms and Conditions, and any future written terms.


By signing, parents confirm understanding and agreement to these policies, terms, and conditions, including obligations like fee payment. Withholding crucial information about the child’s needs may affect their placement at the School. The School's relationship is exclusively with the parents/guardians, not with third-party sponsors or the student. Parents are responsible for providing withdrawal notice as specified, and the School reserves the right to communicate with parents for updates and information. Consent is given for the child to receive counseling services, with the option to withdraw consent in writing at any time.



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